How do you feed a cat like Mimi?

She’s the most darling girl. She came to Best Friends from a shelter that was ordered to be shut down. The poor thing was very skinny and has feline leukemia. But that’s alright. Best Friends has a special building just for cats with the feline leukemia virus. So she’ll have plenty of playmates and fun in a beautiful, open building.

But there’s another problem. Mimi has megaesophagus. That means that she can’t hold her food down. She’ll need to be fed a special way, with an elevated food dish to keep her throat straight. She may also need her food blended – her caregivers are just going to have to experiment! Keeping a cat with megaesophagus well-fed and happy may be a challenge.

But now, at least, Mimi is going to get the loving care that she really deserves. And by the time her caregivers figure out just how to help her, they’ll be ready, with any luck, to send instructions to her new family some day!
Progress Journal

Home wanted

Monday, June 16, 2014
From Cat World caregiver Barbara’s journal:

Well, our fun-loving Mimi, who has leukemia, which could set her up for serious troubles like lymphoma and life-taking anemia, has come a long way since her arrival at Best Friends. And while she is also compromised by mega-esophagus, which affects her ability to get full nutrition and also puts her at risk for pneumonia from aspiration of food into her lungs, she has worked miracles for herself and for our hearts by overcoming and thriving! She has even gotten a little plump in the middle (though that does not stop her from springing into the air for her favorite toy!)

At Best Friends, we believe that all our cats are adoptable to the right home, and Mimi is no exception. Leukemia cats have a particularly difficult time finding homes, and we caregivers who work with the Calmar cats are always mindful of the fact that THIS may well be their forever home. Nevertheless, we rejoice in these precious lives and have been thrilled to share one little girl's story, so you all can join with us in celebrating her.

Still, sometimes someone is able and willing to take one of our cats into his or her home, and we hold this hope out for Mimi and all her housemates. We sometimes imagine what that home would be like.

"Mimi would do best in a home where her person had super arm strength so they never got tired of playing "da bird," and could swing the wand toy until Mimi was exhausted,” says Amy, one of the caregivers. “Of course her home would need a constant supply of tasty wet food and a blender for Mimi. Being so mellow, she wouldn't mind a few furry friends to share her home with as long as there was plenty of room for them all to look out the window. Mimi is a fantastic little girl full of personality and I hope her forever home comes soon!"

Caregiver Steph has made a list, envisioning Mimi's special person as someone who will "serenade her as well as keep her up to date on the latest gossip, since she loves to “chat,” enjoys being carried and snuggled (but no kisses, please); likes to be entertained with her flying bird and mousy toys--all this so she can channel her inner lynx (those great ear tufts aren't just for looks, you know)."

I would just add that Mimi needs someone who is in tune with her great energy, willing to keep sharp about her health and understands what a wonderful thing it is to take such a magical, vulnerable soul into their care.

It's time to retire Mimi from the regular Guardian Angel page, though we will keep her fans informed with updates now and then. Thank you for the support and gifts that continue to make Mimi's time here rich and beautiful. She has a good bit of the “fighter” in her; but most of all, her spirit is fueled by a brilliant love of Life.