A cat without eyes? Tyler was born that way. He was a stray – but that’s a tough life for somebody without sight! So he came to Best Friends’ Guardian Angel program, where folks are going to help him learn to live his life, just the way he is – but with any luck, as part of a family someday. Tyler also has feline leukemia, but so far, that hasn’t hurt his healthy any. He’s about 18 months old, and alert. There’s no doubt that he wants to live. He just needs a little help! The first order of business will be teaching him how to explore outside of his cage, and even how to make cat friends with other house cats. He’s shy because of his challenges. But with Guardian Angels encouraging him from his shell, he could well be on his way to becoming a loving pet!
Progress Journal

Rest in peace

Friday, July 10, 2015
A letter from Beckie:

071015Tyler_VEI never thought that June bugs would make me sad, but this year they are breaking my heart. There is no one to chase them, because our beloved Tyler, the cutest little boy in all the land, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I held him close and told him how much I loved him, and that Mufasa was waiting for him. His spirit took flight and so his earthly journey ended. The two of them are playing happily across the bridge.

I have loved and mourned every pet that has come through my home: the beautiful, the scruffy, the sweet and the cranky. Each one has taken a piece of my heart. Tyler, however, has left a hole that a Mack truck could drive through. He seemed to be special in every way. He had spirit, he had cattitude, and if he couldn't find any trouble, he would start some. Most people assumed that because he was blind, he lived in fear. The opposite was true. He had been blind from birth, so this was normal for him. Unlike a human, he didn't know that there was any other way. In reality, he had a pretty fearless personality. I even fretted about how frightened he must be for the vet to be working on him, but the vet told me that Tyler was actually calm and seemingly interested in what was happening.

I feel so fortunate to have had Tyler and Mufasa in our little family. They left me with millions of laughs and memories. I will always be grateful to their original rescuers and to the heroes at Best Friends who fixed Tyler up and then gave the two of them their first loving home. They are together forever now, playing and chasing pretend June bugs. Even Ginger Boy, who preceded Tyler across the bridge, doesn't mind when Tyler pounces on his tail. Every now and then I hear an unexplained knock or bump, but I know what it is. Tyler and Mufasa are wrestling. I am so happy for them.

I love you, Tyler and Mufy, and I can't wait to see you again at the Rainbow Bridge!