Arabian Horses at Risk at Devore Shelter

Several horses in San Bernadino County shelter must be adopted, or else…..

As if the recent fires in Wrightwood weren"t enough to tax the Devore Shelter, a recent uptick in horse abuse, neglect and abandonment is leaving the shelter with very few options.

A closed horse abuse case has left 5 Arabian horses available for adoption last week at Devore Shelter in San Bernadino County. Some of these horses have been at the shelter for 10 months. All are about 11 years old or younger and extremely thin, but are otherwise in good health according to a recent vet check.

The horses can be viewed on Devore Shelter website , and additional information can be obtained by calling the shelter at 909-887-8055 and asking for Brenda. In addition to the Arabians, there are 4 other horses looking for "forever" homes.

Photos courtesy of Devore Shelter
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