At-Risk Animals Still Need Help in San Fernando Valley

Update May 27: 100 Dogs and Cats Still Need Foster Homes, Transport

Update May 27: 100 Dogs and Cats Still Need Foster Homes, Transport

Pugs to Pits Animal Rescue and Best Friends Catnippers are teaming up with Southern California rescue organizations to get assistance to more than100 at-risk dogs and cats that are part of a huge rescue operation in the San Fernando Valley area.

At this time, the small dogs have been placed, but there are still medium and large-sized dogs in need, including Rotties and mixes, a purebred SIBERIAN HUSKY, a purebred DALMATIAN, several PITS and Pit mixes and a few terriers. you can see their photos here.

There are many friendly, generally healthy and adoptable cats of all sizes and breeds, including Siamese, Bobtails, American Curls, and Orange Tabbies. Cats already rescued have had nothing more serious than ear mites or dirty teeth. You can see their photos here.

Jasmine the Boxer/Pit Mix is beyond sweet and loves to cuddle. She has a serious lack of muscle tone to her hind quarters and she loses control of her back legs when she walks. She needs a rescue to take her in and get her evaluated by a vet.

Kashmir the Long-Haired Siamese has a bad ulcer on his hindquarters. He is most likely in pain and needs a trip to the vet to get it treated.


If you can foster, transport, shelter, or provide medical care for one or several of these cats and dogs:

Please call Julianne Wotasik at 323-718-1648 or email
Time is of the essence. Please call now!


Learn more about Best Friends Catnippers here.

Posted by Carrie Jones, Best Friends Network Volunteer
Updated 5/27 by Sandi Cain, Best Friends Network Volunteer

Photo provided by Pugs to Pits Animal Rescue
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