Cherokee County Animal Shelter



Name of organization:
Cherokee County Animal Shelter

1015 Univeter Road Canton Ga 30115

Phone number:
770 345 7270

Contact name:
Cindy Foster

Email address:


Types of animals rescued:
All—except wildlife but we provide temp holding and safe transport to wildlife sanctuary. We are the only open door shelter in Cherokee Co.


Our mission is to encourage and respect the animal/human bond while anticipating and providing services that insure public health and safety through the proper promotion of animal welfare. We seek to fulfill our mission through proactive animal-control enforcement, quality education in recognizing and preventing animal cruelty, and the enactment of progressive humane initiatives to relieve animal suffering. We also provide care and placement for unwanted animals through quality adoptions, licensed rescue, foster programs and transport programs. We strive to increase the number of animals saved each year.

CCAS has been run by the county government for 7 years but in June of 2005 CCAS has taken a new direction. We are striving to be a leader in the progressive movement to prevent animal suffering by implementing proactive policies, spay/neuter programs and public education and awareness programs.

What are your needs and volunteer opportunities?
We are a fast growing county and our stray holds alone can fill our intake shelter in one day. We need more space (and staff) to hold strays for longer periods of time to allow their families time to locate them. We also need storage areas for our disaster equipment and supplies. And, of course, staff and volunteers to run education, volunteer and community service programs.

Would you be willing to work with other rescue organizations in order to meet the needs of more animals?
Yes-and we do

In the event of another disaster such as Katrina, would your organization be willing to:

Send volunteers to a remote rescue site?
No—at this time we are understaffed

Transport animals?

Photo Credit: Photo taken from Petfinder. Picture is of Tinkerbell and she is available for adoption. She came to the shelter as a neglected dog and Cindy said she is doing much better and her hair has grown in and looks so pretty. Just looking at her picture, I have fallen in love with her! Please contact Cindy, or go onto the Petfinder site to learn more about Tinkerbell!! Or visit their website to see the other animals they have available for adoption.

Learn more about Tinkerbell!
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