Coyote Sighting

Delaware Nature Society photographs the stealthy predator

Is it a German shepherd? A red fox? No, it"s a coyote . . . and yes, in Delaware.

This past winter, a team from the Delaware Nature Society, spotted coyote tracks in the snow; followed the tracks and were able to photograph a wild coyote. A member of the team said he"s only seen six live coyotes in Delaware in the past 10 years, but they do exist.

It wasn"t easy being able to find one; the team had set up bait stations and cameras for the past four years. The cameras caught images of red foxes, raccoons, and vultures, but no coyotes until this past February, when tracks were spotted in the snow.

A trapper provided them with beaver meat for the bait, and advice on how and where to place it. During the first week, they only got images of red foxes on their camera, but after that, between midnight and 4 a.m., a lone coyote showed up.

The nature society wants to make sure that people understand the coyote isn"t an animal to be feared. They weigh approximately 30-40 lbs. and they primarily prey on small mammals, such as moles and rabbits, and they eat plenty of dead deer.

Delaware is certainly full of a diversity of wildlife.

For more information, see "Stealthy coyote likes Delaware habitat."

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Photo by Brujogomez as seen on Wikikmedia

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