Dog Fighting Ring in Georgia Busted

Dog Fighting Ring in Laurens County Shut Down

Dog Fighting Ring in Laurens County Shut Down

By Christy Crabtree

Fifteen people, from three counties, were arrested on Sunday, March 11th on suspicion of running a dog fighting ring located in Laurens County in Georgia. A tip by an off-duty officer was called into the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department after the officer became suspicious of a dog fight at the location.

Following the arrests of the individuals, officials called in experts including a veterinarian to assist with the case and ensure that evidence was maintained for prosecution. In total 38 dogs were rescued and are now residing at local shelters and other private locations. Six of the dogs required medical attention.

Local authorities had been aware of the possibility of a dog fighting ring but without proof they had thus far been unable to take action. With the arrests and subsequent prosecution they hope to make this the first step in shutting down the dog fighting business in the area.

If anyone has any additional information that can help with this case please contact the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department.

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