Door County Humane Society

Door County Humane Society (DCHS) is a non-profit, donor funded organization.

Door County Humane Society (DCHS) is a non-profit, donor funded organization. They rely on volunteers (over 50) and donors for survival, and are fortunate to have the assistance of local veterinarians. Together they help provide shelter and medical care for orphaned animals in Door County. Hundreds of animals are cared for each year, while at the same time the shelter works to find them homes.

The Door County Humane Society participates in community events and educational events involving local schools. Behind the scenes tours of the shelter are available. Crematorium services are also offered by DCHS, both private and group. Lost dog help is offered. Adoption counselers and dog trainers are available resources as well.

On a local visit to the shelter, cats could be found lingering in the lobby, waiting for some attention from visitors. The staff was in high gear attending to the medical needs of several kittens. Our visit was welcomed and we even helped out by trimming some nails and making a small donation.

The shelter currently has a membership drive going on, with the hope of raising money to run the facility and provide the necessary medical care the animals need. Both single and group memberships are available and include a quarterly newsletter, invitation to members-only events, and participation at the annual meeting.

Pictured is one of the friendly cats waiting for a home at Door County Humane Society.

Door County Humane Society
3475 County PD Box 93
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 USA
Phone: (920) 746-1111
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