Help Foster a Soldier’s Pet

Soldiers overseas face enough stress as it is, without having to worry about who will care for their pet while they’re away.

The friends of Animals Humane society (FOA) volunteer and board member Linda Towne recalls, "I was asked by one member of the unit [local I-94 Cavalry Unit of the National Guard] if we had any suggestion as to what he could do with his dog while he was away. He was reluctant to think that his only options would be to either give it to the shelter for someone to adopt or to euthanize it, and he asked if the FOA might consider fostering it for a year until he returns."

This led Towne to a discussion at an FOA board meeting. In the end, the board overwhelmingly supported the idea to go forward and do "whatever fashion necessary to figure out what it will take to set up a program."

So the Humane Society of Carlton County in Minnesota stepped in. Now they have created a program to make sure the pets of the I-94 Cavalry Unit of the Army National Guard, currently located in Cloquet, Minnesota, have a foster home while their owners are out of the country.

Said board member Towne, "At this point, we don`t know if we`re talking one animal or 11, or however many. Most people have family or friends who could take care of a pet for someone who finds themself in that sort of circumstance, but there are always some who don`t. We just can`t let it go at that."

The new program ensures that soldiers will receive a foster family for their pets. Their pets need to have all current shots and sign a medical agreement.

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