Helping Homeless Hounds

Supporting Team Basset during September 26 Strut Your Mutt in New York City gives dogs a “second chance at a new life”

A couple of hound dogs will be strutting their stuff in the upcoming Strut Your Mutt in New York. Basset hounds, to be exact.

They include Mombo and Mollie, rescued by Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue. They"re part of the group"s stable of once at-risk hounds.

Mollie can no longer see, but she"s adjusting slowly to her blindness. When she arrived at the rescue group, she had untreated glaucoma in one eye and her other eye had been removed because the glaucoma was out of control. Laser surgery to save her remaining eye, from which she could see shadows and light, worked temporarily. Then she lost that vision too.

But Michelle Chalmers-Morris, a volunteer and board member with the group who is fostering Mollie reports that Mollie is "the sweetest, most gentle, surprisingly quiet, one-eyed basset girl" she"s ever come across. "She is special. She loves to snuggle in bed at night, and will roll over for a good old-fashioned belly rub."

As for Mombo, his person left him, along with his brother Gumbo, without explanation at a New Jersey shelter. They were not only thin, but the pair had pneumonia. Gumbo, as soon as he was well, was adopted out quickly to a family. But Mombo had some issues to work out, including separation anxiety and being possessive with food.

After several months of fostering Mombo, Morris and her husband Mike decided to adopt him. He, too, has adjusted well, plus he gets along with their other dogs. "He officially became part of the Morris household," she says. Most of all, Mombo could not be more comfortable. "I don't think he knew what a dog bed was until he came here," she says.

Events like Strut Your Mutt are important to groups like Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue, Morris says. "First, it allows us the great opportunity to showcase our adoptable dogs to potential adopters. You never know who may see one of our adoptables, take a picture and send to an interested friend."

Also, "Events like this help us raise the necessary funds to save as many homeless hounds as possible," she says, including those like Mollie and Mombo.

The group is run by volunteers and depends on donations to rescue shelter bassets and the occasional owner turn-in. And that"s why the group, as one of Best Friends Network Charities, is taking part in the Strut Your Mutt event September 26 at New York"s Hudson River Park.

"One-hundred percent of every donation directly helps our dogs receive a second chance at a new life. Raising the funds is by far our greatest challenge, followed by finding foster families," Morris says.

And, last but not least, she points out, "Events are fun."

How you can help:

Photos courtesy of Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue

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