Horse Protection of Florida In Need of Emergency Adoption of Horses

Abandoned horses in Florida needing immediate adoption.

Horse Protection of Florida (HPAF), a nonprofit organization located on 150 acres in Marion County, Florida is in dire need to find new homes for the following new rescues. Their owner fell on hard times and did the right thing by surrendering them. Pictures of these horses can be seen at: .

The pedigree of the horses are provided on the links below:

Explosive Secret, 23 years Secretariat's granddaughter

Explosive Secret: The first chestnut mare with a blaze is a sweet 25 year old and is Secretariat granddaughter who just needs someone to give her good food and care for her remaining days.

Lady of the Knight 7 years chestnut bay, registered The bay mare is seven and still young enough to train.

Mara"s Hooligan, chestnut mare 13 yrs (Hail the Ruckus x Sin On My Mind) registered

The yearlings are not registered all sired by Bob"s Turning Trick (Clever Trick x Sunny Roberta)

This stallion also needs a home, no picture yet. Age 7 Mini Bob yearling colt black out of Lady of the Knight

Silver Son yearling colt grey out of Robellina

Pat Trick yearling colt bay out of First Patti

Cherry Cola yearling filly bay out of Mara"s Hooligan

Orphan 2010 filly also needs a home, no picture yet

Two mares are identified #3 is Isabel"s Fury #4 isEstellina

The yearlings are very small, the grey and the tiny bay are tame and still weak, the black one is getting friendlier everyday. The bay filly does not like people at all and is going to be a challenge. She will need a very patient, skilled horse person. These Thoroughbred mares and youngsters were just rescued and need a place to go immediately or they could be sent to auction. We have no space to bring them in so must adopt them immediately; can you give one of these poor horses a home?

Please call or email for an application. We will need pictures of your place and a completed application from potential adopters. These horses are an emergency adoption and go with ownership.

These horses are an emergency adoption and go with ownership. Adopters must provide pictures of the horse annually and notify HPAF if the horse goes to another guardian. Please call or email if you would like to see these horses they can be shown any afternoon. Our email has been having issues so if you do not get a reply to your email that day please call the office 352-466-4366.

The first group is in Micanopy not far off I-75 the second group in McAlpin inSuwannee County near Live Oak. The mares in Suwannee County can be transported to Micanopy for pick up if needed.


Please forward link to this news story to help find homes for these horses. HPAF appreciates your help. Two more horses that were abandoned were just called about today and we have no place to put them, can anyone help?

We need your help! HPAF receives no state or federal funding and exists only through donations. The amount of neglected horses and horses whose owners can no longer afford to feed them has exploded recently and your donations make it possible for HPAF to continue the work of protecting and saving horses.

News Flash! A wonderful anonymous supporter has offered to match all donations to HPAF between now and December 31st at 3pm up to $10,000.00. Please help us meet that goal and raise the funds needed to care for the horses. No donation is too small. Please help us help the horses. Please note matching gift in your check or PayPal.

If you can help with feed, hay, leather halters (safest), funds for Coggins tests, vet expenses, farrier and badly needed dentistry these horses really need all that they can get right now. The babies and the older mares are the hardest to find homes for and more continue to need help.

Volunteers are needed to help with feeding, grooming and turning out the horses each morning (7 days a week) from 8am to noon. Also for afternoon feeding from 4pm to 6:30 pm. Please call Julie, at 352-466-4366 to be put on the schedule.

Horse Protection Association of Florida

20690 NW 130th Avenue

Micanopy, Florida 32667


Telephone: 352-466-4366

Fax: 352-466-4072

Photos courtesy of Horse Protection Association of Florida

HPAF News Media Release cross-posted, with permission, by Judy Marshall

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