Housebreaking Your New Puppy or Kitten

Housebreaking your puppy or kitten, or even an adult dog or cat will take a lot of patience.

Housebreaking your puppy or kitten, or even an adult dog or cat will take a lot of patience.

You need to understand that the animal only wishes to please you even if it may not seem that way. Remember, all animals make mistakes, you should never physically punish your pet, this will only weaken the bond between you, and your pet will learn to fear you.

You will need to watch your puppy or kitten very carefully for any signs he may need to relieve himself. The easiest way to do this for puppies is by crate training. Because puppies do not like to soil their bedding, they will not relieve themselves in their crate.

A crate is like a den to your puppy. If you use the crate correctly, your pup will come to think of it as his own place where he can get away from everything if he feels the need. You should start getting the puppy used to the crate the day you bring him home. Put him in the crate for a few minutes at a time and give him a treat or his favorite toy.

Give him lots of praise while he is in the crate. Do this until he is comfortable being in the crate for longer intervals. Your puppy should be kept in the crate only when you are not able to supervise him, and at night. You should never give in and let the pup sleep with you because he cries all night, this will only give him the impression if he cries, then he'll get out of the crate.

For kittens, set up a special area for them where they can feel safe and secure and has their litter box, toys and water available. They will need to be shown where their box is often, and it is important that the box is not moved during the box training period. Make sure the litter is fresh and clean whenever possible, as many cats will not go to the bathroom in dirty areas...cats like to be clean!

You need to start housebreaking with a proper diet and a schedule. You should feed your puppy or kitten a well-balanced, stable puppy/kitten food at the same times every day. Never feed your young pet table scraps, or switch his diet. This is not at all healthy to the pet, and may cause problems.

For puppies, take them out of the crate immediately upon waking, and carry him outside to the place you have chosen for him to use as his bathroom. You need to take him to the same place every time. When he relieves himself praise him tremendously. Once the puppy relieves himself, and no sooner, take him back inside. For kittens, take them to their box and praise them when they use it!
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