Meet the Best Friends Mobile Adoption Team!

Learn more about the folks from Kanab who help with pet adoptions in the Valley

Spring is the season for a number of Phoenix-area adoption events featuring the dogs and cats from Best Friends Animal Society. The Best Friends Mobile Adoption Team is on hand to help with these events in the Valley and other areas. Whether you"re adopting, volunteering or just want to learn more, now you can get to know the team.

Meet Marti

Marti Stoffel was born in Southern California, but raised mostly in Georgia, and lived several other places in between. She and her younger brother also spent some time on their father"s farm in Kansas where the farm animals were their closest friends. Marti has spent the last ten years in the restaurant industry, but when the economy started taking a dive, she decided to look for something more fulfilling. Upon watching an episode of "Dogtown" on TV, she decided that"s where she was meant to be. She has been an adoption coordinator at Best Friends since October 2009.

Meet Lynn

Lynn Dolan is another adoption coordinator at Best Friends. She spent the first half of her life Pennsylvania, and has lived in Colorado and California before moving to Kanab nine years ago. She has two children, three grandchildren, one dog and two cats. Lynn loves to hike; her favorite experience is hiking Longs Peak in Colorado.

Meet Barbara

Barbara Heydolph moved to Fredonia from Vermont in September of 2009. Her son Tristan lives in Maine, and her other son Tyler lives in Vermont. Barbara shares a home with Fiona, a beautiful Flat Coat Retriever and Joey (JoJo The Wonder Cat) whom she adopted from Best Friends.

Meet Lisa

Lisa Salvatore came to Best Friends as adoption coordinator in November 2009 from Massachusetts to pursue her desire to work in animal welfare. She has four pets: Luna, the dog she is pictured with and who has participated in Rally-O and Canine Freestyle; Kizzy, the feline queen of the house; Simon, her handsome black kitty; and Kirby, Luna"s new little brother and comic relief in the house. When she is not working to find forever homes for the dogs at Best Friends, Lisa enjoys hiking with her dogs, reading, knitting and movies.

Meet Larry

Larry Donoho has been married for 27 years to his wife, Pat. They have five cats and seven dogs, all rescues. Originally from San Diego, Larry graduated from San DiegoState. His work with an electronic security company kept him on the west coast for my entire career. Larry retired when at 55 to Mexico but that didn"t last long. He and Pat helped build a sanctuary below Guadalajara, on LakeChapala. They came to Kanab six years ago and have been at Best Friends ever since.

Pictured: Barbara Heydolph, with JoJo the Wonder Cat

Photos used with permission
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