Northern Ireland: Pit Bull Smuggling Ring Exposed

BBC investigation infiltrates notorious Farmers Boys gang

BBC investigation infiltrates notorious Farmers Boys gang

By Christy Crabtree, Best Friends Network

According to a recent BBC investigation, an undercover team was able to infiltrate and expose a network of gangs who buy and sell pit bulls for fighting.

Dog fighting, illegal in the UK, still thrives thanks to the efforts of gangs who have been caught by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) smuggling in pit bull terriers. Even though pit bulls have been banned in the UK, gangs are finding ways around the ban and are easily moving them across borders and throughout Europe with Northern Ireland as the main center of activity.

After more than a year undercover, the Panorama team infiltrated the Farmers Boys, a notorious gang in Northern Ireland. With easy access from the Republic of Ireland where pit bulls are not illegal, the Farmers Boys are able to procure pit bulls and distribute and fight them.

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What You Can Do

To report dog fighting activity in the United Kingdom, contact the RSPCA at

To sign the Action Against Dogfighting Petition please visit
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