Pit Bull Terriers Make Great Family Pets

Pit Bull Positive wants people to share their videos

Dan Meagher, founder and president of Pit Bull Positive, a website for pit bull terrier guardians and advocates, wants more people to know that pit bull terriers make great family pets.

Meagher knows well of which he speaks. He shares his home with pit bull terriers Hope, Destiny, Faith, Sisi, Chance, Deuce and Lillian.

Meagher is asking other pit bull terrier people to e-mail short videos of themselves with their pit bull terriers saying, "I"m "name" and I"m an "occupation" and I"m an American pit bull owner." E-mail the videos to danmeagher@pitbullpositive.org.

Meagher plans to combine the short videos into one longer video on his website. The goal? To show that most pit bull terrier guardians are responsible people and that pit bull terriers make great pets.

"Pit bull owners come from all walks of life and all occupations," Meagher says. "I have the pleasure of sharing my home with seven of them."

Thanks to the myths that surround them, often perpetuated by the mainstream media, pit bull terriers, who were once America"s most beloved dogs, have become "victims of their own popularity," Meagher says.

"When the media constantly says it"s a vicious breed, it can attract the wrong kind of people," Meagher says. "Far too often, people believe what they read and base their opinions on rumors and hearsay and not on their own experiences with the breed. In reality, people who have them know they"re not the monsters they"re portrayed to be. They"re one of the most loving, loyal breeds of dogs there are."

Ed Fritz, campaign specialist for Pit Bulls: Saving America"s Dog, one of four Best Friends campaigns aimed at reaching a time of No More Homeless Pets, agrees.

"Pit bull terriers can be wonderful pets," Fritz says. "Some attributes that seem to be common in the bull dog breeds are loyalty, brains and fun-loving attitude."

Fritz says when dogs are "treated with respect, responsibility and love," they provide their families with a lifetime of "smiles and giggles."

Best Friends Animal Society is working throughout the country to help pit bull terriers, who are battling everything from a media-driven bad reputation to ineffective and expensive legislation. Best Friends hopes to end discrimination against all dogs. Dogs are individuals and should be treated as individuals. Find out how you can help by visiting and becoming a fan of the Pit Bulls: Saving America's Dog campaign.

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Learn more about breed bans and dog bite facts at the National Canine Research Council.

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Photos courtesy of Dan Meagher and by Best Friends staff

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