Putnam County Animal Shelter

Many great pets needing forever homes.

Many great pets needing forever homes.

Please take a few minutes to visit Putnam County Animal Shelter's website to find your next pet. To rescue one of these animals, contact the shelter by Monday, Aug. 18. Many will be put to sleep on Tuesday, Aug. 19. The shelter number is 386-329-0399 or 386-329-0396, or email at Putnam County Animal Shelter. If you get the answer machine please leave a message.

SPECIAL: The two shepherds (94 & 68) are wonderful dogs. The dog in 19 is really, really super. The poor lab in 21 has a hurt paw (long healed) and now walks on the top of her paw. Can someone rescue? Other very sweet dogs are the ones in 82 (very healthy and friends), 97 (awfully sweet), 13 (gentle, sweet) and 78 (this black-white dog has a super personality). Please also look at Gooby, the medium-sized dog in 15. This is really an exceptional animal.

The cats, look especially at Boots in 22. Cute kitten in 26. Can anyone save the mom and kittens in 44?

Please click here to see the many great pets needing forever homes.

Posted by Judy Marshall, Best Friends Network Volunteer Program
Photo courtesy of Putman County Animal Shelter
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