RePets Animal Rescue, Adoption Center May Have to Close

Donations appreciated for this Bowling Green, Kentucky rescue

Forced to take immediate measures, Tracy Moser, (pictured with her own two fur-babies) owner of RePets Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky is asking for any type of donation or assistance to keep RePets operating.

The slow economy, high expenses and a lease set to expire in February at her Fairview Plaza Shopping Center location has motivated her to do whatever it takes to keep her rescue and adoption center open and save the many animals there.

RePets Accepts Creatures Big and Small

Moser has helped more than 3,000 homeless, neglected and abused animals find loving homes. Dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, ducks, fish, mice, cockatiels, even a couple of frogs, an iguana and one Chinese water dragon, to name just a few, have all benefited from her care. At this time there are approximately 160 available pets at RePets waiting for someone to adopt them.

RePets, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) animal welfare organization, says it accepts any animal as long as it does not require the feeding of another animal.

In addition, Moser takes animals from low-funded, rural shelters in surrounding areas that have little hope of ever being adopted, which results in higher vet expenses for RePets when she comes to the aid of a dog suffering with an untreated broken leg or a cat with an eye problem. As a rescue mission, that partly explains RePets' current outstanding vet bills of more than $6,000 for broken teeth, x-rays, medication and more.

Searching for New Location by February

"I'm searching every day for a new location, but with donations down, the economy so slow and rent so high, I feel like our best option is to buy or lease a place that's big enough for our rescue and our Thrift Store," Moser says.

The Thrift Store operates solely to benefit Moser's animal rescues with 100 percent of any Thrift Store purchase or donation going towards the rescue and care for animals until their adoption.

Certainly, the poor economy has hit everyone, and Moser is hoping she can find a space to rent for less than what she's paying now, yet big enough to house both RePets and the Thrift Store before time runs out.

She says," We'll take anything anyone can do!"

For More Information

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Photos of some of the many available pets for adoption courtesy of RePets.

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