Rowan County Dog Pound in Morehead, Kentucky Aims for No-Kill

Rescuers and caring citizens from states as far away as Delaware, Virginia, and Minnesota working together.....

Rescuers and caring citizens from states as far away as Delaware, Virginia, and Minnesota working together.....

Kirby Jonas' "Kill to No Kill" plan is inspiring people across the country to commit to helping one needy shelter change from kill to no kill. Her plan envisions connecting 10 people who commit to one shelter, and so far the Rowan County Dog Pound in Morehead, Kentucky has 8 different people who have signed up to help!

Some of these are the wonderful volunteers who work there, live nearby, and spend countless heartfelt hours giving the hands-on care needed to save the animals' lives. Others live far away, in states ranging from Delaware to Virginia and even Minnesota! These 8 individuals - soon to be 10 and then more - are united in their promise that they will do whatever they can, and whatever it takes, to help the dedicated volunteers at this shelter end the killing. Promising changes are already underway.

Rowan County Dog Pound Is Very Rescue-Friendly!

Rowan County Dog Pound is small, rural, and extremely poor. But the hearts of the people who work there are Huge! The wonderful staff and volunteers at Rowan continue to work around the clock to save these precious pooches. They also keep hoping that rescue groups and individuals alike continue to help in ANY way that they can. A few dollars donated to their vet bills (credit cards or checks accepted at the Morehead Vet Clinic, 103 Bartlett Drive, Morehead, KY 40351 or call 606-780-7387), cross-posting messages, helping transport these babes to name it, they can use it AND they appreciate it far beyond what any words could ever convey!!

Rescue Groups with References Can Pull for FREE

If you'd like to rescue or adopt any of these furballs, (adoptions are only $40 and rescue groups with references can pull dogs at NO COST), please contact Julia Sharp or one of the other great Rowan County Dog Pound volunteers or staff members at the telephone numbers or email addresses that are listed below. Local residents can call the Pound directly, but others should PLEASE contact the volunteers, as the Warden is already overwhelmed with handling his duties and local calls.

Never think that you can't make a difference.....every ounce of help that you extend to Rowan (or any shelter for that matter) goes a LONG way towards helping save the lives of more furbabies than you can ever imagine and you in the long run will benefit the most. So what are you waiting for?

Rowan County Dog Pound
Morehead, KY

Pound Telephone: 606-784-4930 (for local residents only please)

Otherwise, please call Julia Sharp, a volunteer, between 1PM and 6PM

at 606-784-1997 or 606-207-2795 (leave a message if need be).

To rescue/adopt, you can also call Sue C. at 606-356-1939

or Jan D. at 606-462-0375.

email: (, (, (,

or (

Shelter Hours: Monday-Wednesday 3PM-6PM
Saturday 10AM-3PM
Sunday 12PM-3PM
Closed Thursday and Friday

Pictured is Goofy, a male Black and Tan Coonhound at Rowan waiting to be adopted. Volunteer notes say "I'm a very silly young boy. I would love to have a person to play with me and cuddle with me!"
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