Save Our Strays of Huntington, VT, awarded funds for rescued animals

A well-known local foundation recognizes S.O.S with a life-saving donation

A well-known local foundation recognizes S.O.S with a life-saving donation

A philanthropic organization, which for now chooses to remain anonymous, contacted Roy and Lisa Haynes of Save Our Strays in Huntington, Vermont. After a thorough investigation, talking to S.O.S.'s veterinarian, interviewing happy adopters, and more, the benefactor bestowed upon S.O.S. a generous check.

"We look forward to assisting more homeless,/needy pets in 2009," says Lisa Haynes. "This is definitely a boost to encourage our mission, despite the rising costs of everything from vet care to heating fuel for the cat quarters."

Though the dollar amount and the benefactor's identity remain a mystery for now, Lisa and Roy Haynes feel honored to have been recognized for their life-saving work. The funds will help S.O.S. start the new year debt-free and cover some of the increased costs involved in doing rescue as full-time volunteers, which is what Lisa and Roy are. The money will pay for spay/neuter surgeries and everything else associated with pet rescue, such as food, cleaning supplies, and much more.

How you can help:

Click here to learn more about Save Our Strays and donate money & supplies to help Lisa and Roy care for animals in need

Click here to learn more about beautiful Dixie, pictured above, one of the many deserving pets just waiting for her forever home, and meanwhile receiving excellent care thanks to S.O.S.

Posted by Sheryl Rapee-Adams, Best Friends Network Volunteer
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