Shelby County Animal Shelter in Shelbyville

An unconvential county shelter

An unconvential county shelter

Conventional wisdom holds that dogs left too long at an animal shelter will be put to sleep, but the wisdom is not conventional at the Shelby County Animal Shelter in Shelbyville.

A dog named Ugly made the national news while here. Another dog, Pepper, likes it here so much, he jumps the fence at his home and comes and "turns himself in." And a man in the community ran his election campaign based on the welfare of these animals.

Sounds like a fancy, perhaps celebrity-run, animal sanctuary, but in fact the Shelby County Animal Shelter is a small, inconspicuous place on the outskirts of town. This county-run shelter has made tremendous strides in animal welfare and become the model that other shelters in Kentucky are patterning themselves after.

County-run shelters aren’t always the most cheerful placesm, but the Shelby County Animal Shelter and its director, Monica Robinson, are changing all that.

A number of factors separate this shelter from others in the state, and have even put the shelter in the national spotlight. The shelter has enjoyed political support in the county, has involved itself in the community, makes an unusual effort at working with rescues all over the country, and has exceeded its goals in bringing down its kill rate.

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