The California Potbellied Pig Association

Nonprofit organization helps educate the public about potbellied pigs

From just a few new pig guardians sitting around talking about their new pets, it was decided they should create a club, and so in 1989 the California Potbellied Pig Association (C.P.P.A.) was founded. The club now includes members from all over California, the United States and Europe with the majority living in Northern California.

Click on the image to the right to learn more about Lilly, who is in search of a forever home

C.P.P.A. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public and making sure people know as much as possible about potbellied pigs. The organization provides important information about what these pigs should and should not eat, how to train and socialize them, and provides answers to some of the common myths (i.e., teacup pigs), and much more that can be found on their website. You can also forward questions or get information by writing to

Another mission of the C.P.P.A. is to help pigs who are in a bad situation find homes that will provide a positive influence and an environment where a pig can be a pig. This involves working with a whole network of rescue organizations and local animal shelters to match adoptable pigs with new homes. This is done primarily through advertising on their website, as well as using the C.P.P.A. email mailing list. They also use exposure at fairs, pet stores, schools, and animal control shelters to locate potential loving homes.

The C.P.P.A. website has a vast store of information about potbellied pigs, ranging from adoption information, zoning issues, mobile hoof and tusk trimming (California), to care products and merchandise.

An educated public is of vital importance to the C.P.P.A. Too many pigs are neglected, handled or cared for incorrectly, abandoned and taken to shelters. "Normal" surrender as a result of divorce, loss of a home or a death in the family is unfortunately a sign of the times. In addition there are unscrupulous breeders who provide inadequate and incorrect information to would be pig guardians, which leads in many instances to unexpected behaviors that can be too much for their person.

Click on the image the right to learn more about Prudence, who is available for adoption

"Pigs are different from a dog or cat, they absolutely must be spayed or neutered, and they must be trained differently to prevent them from getting too unruly, even aggressive," says Marcie Christensen, president of C.P.P.A. "They"re still magnificent pets and incredibly rewarding companions, but they aren"t simple, and they"ll keep you on your toes."

For more information go to the C.P.P.A. website. Be sure and check out their annual Hog-I-Day party that will be held this year on Saturday, November 19, in Pleasant Hill, Contra Costa County, California (Northern California). This is always a very popular potluck event where you can visit with pig friends, and make friends with the resident pigs and dog. If you live nearby and can attend the Hog-I-Day party, start collecting those pig ornaments as there will be a pig ornament exchange.

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Photos courtesy of the California Potbellied Pig Association

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