The best horse ever!

(And of course his family is not biased.)

Are you looking at a picture of the best horse ever? That’s the word from Michele Hocchauser, his new mom in Colorado. And you know adoptive families are never biased!

Ayasha the horse had been at Best Friends for more than two years. You may remember him as Bud (usually pronounced "Buuuuuuud"). He’d come to the sanctuary because his original family just didn’t know how to take care of a horse, and he was seriously malnourished and sickly. Ultimately, they decided to give him up in hopes he’d find a "horse person" who knew better what to do.

Little did Best Friends know they was now looking after the Best Horse Ever – talk about responsibility! It was the Hocchauser family who first realized what Best Friends actually had on their hands. They spotted Bud in the Best Friends magazine, called up to learn more, and before anyone knew it, he was off to a new life in beautiful Colorado!

Today, not only does Ayasha (the former Bud) have a family that knows how to take care of horses (and gives him plenty of vitamins and hoof care), but he and his new mom have been taking riding lessons together three times a week. He has a new horse friend, new children friends, and he gets to go jogging beside the baby stroller in the mornings! Now, that must be a sight to see!

It goes to show that just because an animal’s been at a sanctuary or shelter for a little while – even a couple of years – doesn’t mean he won’t be exactly the right animal for the very next person who comes through the door. Just look at Ayasha – here he was at Best Friends for two years straight, and it turned out he’s the very best horse in the world! Well, what do you know? Way to go, Ayasha!

Article by Elizabeth Doyle.
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