Tri-County Animal Rescue Center in Mauk, Georgia Needs Assistance during Shelter Renovations

Misinformation in e-mails causes additional difficulties for Shelter Director

In early January, Tri-County Animal Rescue Center (TCARC) in Mauk, Georgia sent out a request for assistance with some of their dogs. Twenty to twenty-five of their large dogs needed to be transferred to other rescues due to the upcoming renovations to the large dog kennels. As the e-mail made its way through cyber space over the next four days, the subject line was changed from "Mauk GA shelter remodeling Dogs need Rescue ASAP!!" to "OMG! PLEASE DO SOMETHING! Hundreds to die for remodeling! FWD: SOS!! Central GA (Mauk) Shelter Closing for Remodeling - Over 100 dogs & cats! ALL will be euthanized if not rescue this week!!" Before long, Shelter Director Andrea Hoffman was receiving nasty and threatening calls and e-mails from animal lovers who thought she was going to euthanize any animals in her shelter who were not rescued for the sake of the renovations.

Hoffman has confirmed (during my telephone conversation with her) that no animals will be euthanized in anticipation of the renovation. She said she never intended to euthanize any dogs and expected rescue groups to step forward to assist. However, to date only five of her large dogs have been pulled in response to her request for assistance. If no other dogs are pulled by rescues prior to the beginning of the renovations, she will make sure the dogs are cared for until the work is completed.

Some attempts at "damage control" have been initiated. A local newspaper ran a corrective article about this situation. At least one of the individuals who sent the request out to her e-mail distribution list sent out a follow-up e-mail correcting the inaccurate information. I posted something on the Georgia and Alabama Forums about the situation. Hopefully, these corrective actions along with this article will help restore Hoffman"s reputation as hardworking and caring rescuer and allow her to continue to do the awesome work she has been doing for the past four years.

About Tri County Animal Rescue Center

Tri-County Animal Rescue Center is a family owned and operated non-profit organization in Mauk, Georgia ( ) dedicated to the rescue, care, rehabilitation and rehoming of domestic animals. Animals under the care of TCARC receive medical evaluations and treatment, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery and microchipping before they are placed in adoptive homes. TCARC also serves as animal control for a number of local government municipalities.

TCARC currently has almost 100 dogs ready for their forever homes. Hoffman and her husband and son (along with a few volunteers) take up to 40 dogs to PetSmart in Columbus each weekend trying to find new homes for them. During the summer, they adopt out as many as 26 dogs during an adoption weekend. They also list their dogs on

How you can help:

Hoffman still needs to relocate approximately 15 of her large dogs from the Shelter so they can complete the renovations. If you can help with this, please contact Hoffman at 478-862-2226 or

We all receive countless e-mails from others in the animal rescue community seeking help with various situations - some desperate and urgent and other less critical. Many times these e-mails are further forwarded without any thought that the information continued in the e-mail may not be 100% accurate. Consider the following before you forward an e-mail from someone requesting assistance with an animal situation:

  • Make sure the substance of the email is accurate and not sensationalized. When in doubt, contact the individual or organization that generated the original request to verify the information before forwarding.
  • Be careful about adding a subject line or any information to the email that changes the nature or intent of the email.

Photos courtesy of Go to the Tri-County Animal Rescue Center site on Petfinder if you are interested in adopting an animal from this organization.

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