UPDATE!! Dog is Rescued by Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue!

Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue saves the day! (www.glmr.org)

Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue saves the day! (www.glmr.org)

Mistreated Mastiff in Dire Need of Rescue, Foster or Forever Home
Aledo IL - Mercer County Animal Control

Six dogs were seized from a residence and the owners were accused of abuse/neglect. The other 5 seem fine, but this guy is extremely malnourished. Upon closer inspection by a veterinarian, it was learned that this poor boy also has heartworms.

He is very social in spite of the fact that he lived his life tethered to a log chain and padlocked to a swing-set. The caregivers at animal control say that when they put a fake hand near the bowl in his cage to test his temperament, he just wagged his tail.

Animal Control has a policy to euthanize since he has heartworms, but they have sent out an urgent plea that someone or some group has a chance to save this boy. The dog will be held for a short time as proof of neglect in the county's case against the dog's former people, so there is a chance to save him and show him a safe and happy life.

If you or someone you know might be interested in helping this mastiff, please call AND email. Try both methods of contact to be sure your message is received since euthanasia is looming. They are open from 9-2, Mon - Sat, but leave a message if you call after hours.

Mercer County Animal Control

1638 State Hwy 17
Aledo IL 61231

Please place any additional information you might receive on the comments below.
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