Becca Morris

Public Relations Coordinator & Special Projects

Becca Morris
When Rebecca Morris was assigned to Nashville's Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC), the city's shelter had a euthanasia rate of over 70% and was amidst a public relations crisis. The shelter was a blight on metro government and, far worse, had lost the faith and trust of the public it was there to serve. Rebecca's first target was to increase live outcomes for the shelter. Within 12 months, MACC had lowered their euthanasia rate by 40%, and with year-over-year improvements, the shelter now saves around 90% of pets annually, which is among the best in the country for municipal government open-admission shelters. The city's shelter is now a source of pride for Nashville's pet-loving community, and even more impressively, these staggering improvements occurred without any significant budget increase.

In a report in 2013 to the director of public health, the parent department for MACC, Rebecca stated that if the shelter was to be rejuvenated, it must be based on building relationships. She created MACC's Rescue Partner program to engage area rescue groups and shelters to leverage external resources. The program now includes over 40 area and national partners. She built external partnerships with area and national businesses and organizations to leverage those partnerships and resources to benefit MACC and increase live outcomes. She created MACC's short-term foster program, which increases live outcomes with foster families who help with census management, and caring for young and at-risk animals. And finally, she rebuilt the volunteer program, which now includes over 200 community members and includes processes for training, outreach and communication.

Beyond the relationship-building and business process changes, Rebecca scratch-built MACC's now-robust media, communications, marketing and social media programs. From successful field work to adoption stories and animal welfare information, she secures dozens of traditional media stories annually to deliver positive results for the shelter and metro government. From community running events, to full-scale adoption events, to fun programs like Cat Yoga and Bow Wow Breakouts, MACC uses regular programming to engage the public and build community interest. MACC's social media programs use cutting-edge strategies and high-end photo and video content to yield peak engagement. And all of this is done organically with less than $1,000 of the annual budget dedicated to marketing and promotion.

Rebecca has more than 15 years of professional experience in management, strategy, media and public relations, and community building. She currently resides in Nashville with her husband, three dogs and a never-ending rotation of furry foster friends.

Friday, July 14, 2017
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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