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Featured Pets from Network Partners

Some dogs and cats could use a little extra help finding the ideal home, and they're counting on us all to spread the word. Check out these profiles of pets* from around the country, send them to family and friends in the area, and spread the word on social media. You may even stumble upon the perfect pet for you!

*All pet information is based solely on what's been provided by their shelter or rescue group, and hasn't been independently verified by Best Friends. Please use their contact information to reach out and learn more about these wonderful animals! Thank you for helping them find homes.

Adopt Derby

AZ Paws and Claws
Fountain Hills, Arizona

Though still a young squirt, Derby has already found his life’s calling: pleasing humans. This people-focused pup adores running, walking and hiking. He’s not picky about what you do, just as long as he’s by your side while you do it. Are you looking for a loyal companion with a sense of adventure? Come meet Derby today.

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Adopt Colette

Animal Protection League of New Jersey
Mt. Olive, New Jersey
Contact: or 973-804-6283

She may just be the most affection-focused feline you’ll ever meet; all she asks in return is a little patience. Because Colette was found scared and hungry, living in a storage room under an apartment building, it takes her longer to warm up, compared to some other cats. Once she knows she can trust you, get ready. Colette is a loving, devoted friend for life.

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Adopt Zoey

Humane Society of Northeast Iowa
Decorah, Iowa
Contact: or 563-382-0500

Zoey has athleticism to burn, so her fans at the shelter call her Super Dog. There’s no toy in the air she can’t catch, no tennis ball toss she can’t outrun … or at least she’ll give it her best shot. Ego? No way. She’s as loving and sweet as they come. Zoey’s looking for a home where she can be the only pet, with a person who can continue to help her work through her reactivity to other dogs. See Zoey in action.

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