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Featured Pets from Network Partners

Some dogs and cats could use a little extra help finding the ideal home, and they're counting on us all to spread the word. Check out these profiles of pets* from around the country, send them to family and friends in the area, and spread the word on social media. You may even stumble upon the perfect pet for you!

*All pet information is based solely on what's been provided by their shelter or rescue group, and hasn't been independently verified by Best Friends. Please use their contact information to reach out and learn more about these wonderful animals! Thank you for helping them find homes.

Adopt Streudel

City of Cleveland Animal Care & Control
Cleveland, Ohio
Contact: or 216-664-3476

If ever there was an aptly named pup! Soft and sweet and full of snuggles, Strudel adores affection and isn’t picky about who is supplying the belly rubs. She loves exploring the local parks and neighborhoods, especially on sunny days, but her favorite occupation is just hanging out with doting humans. Check out the video of beautiful Strudel.

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Adopt George

Oconee Regional Humane Society
Greensboro, Georgia
Contact: or 706-454-1508

George prefers that you don’t think of him as a lap cat. Can’t a guy simply enjoy the company of humans and fellow felines, prove unfailingly friendly, and embrace the attention that comes with being incredibly adorable without getting a rep? Healthy and happy, George is a playful two-year-old who has only known life in a shelter. This cutie would love to find a loving family of his own.

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Adopt Peanut

United Animal Friends
Prescott, Arizona
Contact: or 928-771-2862

Spry and athletic with a can-do attitude that stretches for miles, Peanut is the epitome of positivity. With his unusual front legs, he may not look like other dogs. But he shares their pure joy and love of life. So far, Peanut has adored playing with other pups his size. All he needs now are humans who love him for his special and unique self.

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Adopt Frankie

Utah Animal Adoption Center
Salt Lake City, Utah
Contact: or 801-355-7387

Exercise my body and my mind, please, says Frankie! This ebullient boy adores the outdoors — always up for swimming, running or playing. But Frankie’s also a bit of an intellectual — food puzzles and training games are among his favorite things, too. Frankie will thrive in a home where his person continues working with him to be as courteous and well-mannered as he is beautiful.

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Adopt Timmy

Paws for Life Utah
Heber City, Utah
Contact: or 802-558-9337

Walks, cuddles and the occasional round of tug are Timmy’s idea of an ideal world. Defined not by his disabilities — this sweet pup is both blind and deaf — he stands out for his irrepressible love of people and his incredible adaptability. House-trained? Yes, indeed. Timmy only needs to be shown the routine and he can take it from there. Check out Timmy’s video!

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Adopt Wade

Providence Animal Center
Media, Pennsylvania
Contact: or 610-566-1370

An adventure hound with a great love of all things outdoors, Wade is hoping to find a home where he can continue to be on the move. His motto? Let’s get going! And Wade’s already a rock star when it comes to training and good manners. His fans report that he makes anyone who handles him look like a pro.

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Adopt Robin - Adopted!

Robin - Adopted!

Yavapai Humane Society
Prescott, Arizona
Contact: or 928-445-2666

Equal parts energetic and affectionate, Robin relishes a rousing round of fetch as much as he enjoys snuggling close at the end of the day. He’s eager to please and happy to learn new tricks. Fresh air and his favorite humans comprise his perfect day. With a rocky past behind him, Robin is ready for a bright and loving future. See more of Robin — watch his video!

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Adopt BoyBoy

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue
Phoenix, Arizona
Contact: or 602-445-7390

Tennis balls, food puzzles and toys of any type are right up BoyBoy’s alley. He’s a true extrovert, and his playfulness is surpassed only by his enthusiasm for meeting new people. With his larger-than-life personality and unabashed eagerness to simply get to know you, BoyBoy makes fast friends. He’s just waiting for you to introduce yourself.

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Adopt Patrick

Brown County Humane Society
Nashville, Indiana
Contact: or 812-320-2829

Sweet Patrick’s single act of defiance will be nudging you for additional ear scratches or head rubs. Otherwise, this cutie is perfectly content to lounge by the window, watching birds and squirrels exert all the energy. Because of Patrick’s unclear feline-leukemia status, he’s looking for a home where he’s the only cat. Check out Patrick on video!

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