A new start for formerly abused dogs

This is the story of Hoyt, Sting, Flower and Liberty’s time at Best Friends. These four dogs were all rescued from an abuse or neglect situation. We can’t say for sure, but there is suspicion that dogfighting took place on the property. If you remember the story of Best Friends alumnus Trinity, she came from the same place.

But don’t feel bad for them! These dogs aren’t the least bit focused on their sad past, and we shouldn’t be, either.

Hoyt the dog with Stephanie
Hoyt is a complete party animal.


Hoyt the dog with Melissa
He never stops smiling!


Hoyt the dog having some fun with Melissa
And he’s a giant goof. It’s no surprise that this loveable smiler quickly found a new home.


Sting the dog
Sting is a talented athlete and an enthusiastic ball player.


Sting was a canine ambassador at Kids Camp
And he was a great ambassador during the summer at the Best Friends kids camp (thanks to camp counselor Chelsea for this adorable photo). Sting was the very next one to be adopted. Now only two are left.


Jerri with Liberty and Flower
Flower is a little shy, but getting braver every day.


Once Flower gets to know you, she'll melt under your touch
And when she trusts you, she’ll melt under your touch.


Liberty loves to play in water
Liberty can be shy at first, too, but once she’s comfortable, she really shines. (And she loves to play in water!)


Vince giving Liberty a hug
Liberty is equally happy to cuddle with volunteers. Here she gets a hug from volunteer Vince Colonna. And you have to remember, no matter how sad a dog’s start in life may be,


Smiling Vince and Liberty
at Best Friends’ Dogtown, you know there will always be a happy ending.

Give a dog a second chance. Adopt.

Photos by Molly Wald and Kurt Budde

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