Valentine pet adoption promo success

Making love connections with 'The One'What do 100 animal welfare organizations and more than 1,700 newly adopted animals have in common? They all benefited from a Best Friends adoption promotion called “The One,” the goal of which was to get more animals into homes over Valentine’s Day weekend. Thanks to the promotion’s reduced adoption fees, many pets were available for $10. And while the price might have been lowered, true love soared, and adoption numbers went right through the roof.

Best Friends adoption promotions are available to partner groups in the Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network, which brings together rescue organizations and municipal shelters across the country in an effort to end the killing of animals in our nation’s shelters. More than 100 Network partners participated in “The One” this year, and homeless pets in Huntsville, Alabama, were especially lucky because of it.

Working together

Two Network partners in Alabama, A New Leash on Life (ANLOL) and Huntsville Animal Services, decided to make the most out of “The One” by joining other groups in a big-top tent weekend adoption event. ANLOL director Debbie Dodd says, “Working together allows us to help each other, and gets more of the community involved.”

Best Friends provided free professionally designed and printed marketing kits, and “The One” garnered lots of attention from local media, who were eager to share the news about the love-themed pet adoption event. Now all that needed to happen was for people to show up and adopt.

June’s new beginning

June and her new familySue Kula had been looking for a new family member for months because the Kula family dog, a senior golden retriever named Sioux Boy, had been depressed since their other dog passed last year. They had their hearts set on another golden retriever to keep him company, so Sue searched online and saw that ANLOL had a retriever mix available for adoption. She headed out to meet him on Valentine’s weekend, when “The One” was in full swing.

Sue’s a music teacher and a mother of teenagers, and her family requires a just-right kind of dog. Debbie introduced Sue to the dog she’d come to meet, but he wasn’t a good fit for her busy household filled with throngs of children. Just as Sue was thinking she’d have to go back to square one, Debbie suggested another dog: June.

A 12-year-old beagle mix, June is gentle and loyal. She was dropped off at a municipal shelter in Huntsville, Alabama, where she waited until a volunteer from ANLOL came to save her. June was so malnourished and sick with pneumonia that she required weeks of veterinary care before she could go into a foster home. But she was healthy and ready for a home by the time “The One” event came around.

“(Debbie) brought out June and I saw the goofiest smile in the world,” says Sue. “We had wanted a younger dog, but June is perfect. She loves to play with the kids, especially fetch, and gets her leash to go on walks.” Sioux Boy’s tail hasn’t stopped wagging since June arrived.

‘The One’ is a winner

Sue was thrilled with the low adoption fee, too. “Having an older dog can require more care,” she says. “Sioux Boy and June get monthly holistic medication; it all adds up. We’ve spent hundreds in the past on adoption fees, but what we’ve saved in fees we can put back into her health and well-being.”

“The One” resulted in quite a windfall of new homes for the charges of ANLOL and Huntsville Animal Services, with 188 pets finding new families. “We have learned so much from Best Friends and we owe so much of our success to the organization,” says Debbie. “It was one of our biggest adoption weekends ever.”

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Photos by Debbie Dodd and courtesy of A New Leash on Life