Courtney Thorne-Smith

Courtney Thorne-Smith and her adopted dogs, Joey and Norman, have joined Best Friends Animal Society’s Save Them All campaign, featuring celebrities posed with their very own rescued dogs and/or cats in support of the Save Them All call to action.

“It's so funny to me that adopting a pet is perceived as generous on the part of the human partner. My adopted dogs have given me so much more than they've asked of me and all without the difficult puppy period! I thank my dogs every day for choosing me. I'm so grateful to Best Friends for all of the wonderful work they do, and for spreading the word about animal adoption. If it wasn't for animal advocates like them, I wouldn't have Norman and Joey (or their predecessors Ed and George) and my family's life would be far less joyful. We'd also have less dog hair, but what's a little bit of dog hair when it comes with so much love?”