Maggie Q

Maggie Q's passion for animals helped to launch the monthly pet adoption segment on "Access Hollywood Live." The star of the CW television show "Nikita" and the film "Divergent", Maggie has attended our Lint Roller fundraiser and Pet Super Adoptions, was interviewed in the January/February 2013 issue of Best Friends magazine, and visited our Sanctuary in Utah. She also played big part in the retail cat and dog sales ban in Los Angeles, having been an early supporter of the A Puppy-Store-Free L.A. campaign in 2008. In November 2013, Maggie attended the NKLA (No-Kill L.A.) Adoption Weekend and helped Best Friends find homes for nearly 400 dogs and cats by bringing several of them up on stage with her.

Maggie lent her voice to the voiceless by appearing in a PSA to promote animal adoption and a video to support House Bill 14 in Ohio, which helped to fight against breed discriminatory legislation.

"Pit bulls have a heart and a soul, too," says Maggie Q. "If you've ever really known a pit bull terrier, then you know what I'm talking about. It saddens me to see how many of these dogs lose their homes and even their lives because of an unfair reputation. It's important to speak for those who can't speak for themselves, and I'm proud to be doing just that."