Tiny fuzzy kitten on a blue blanket

Fuzz, fluff and fun: Foster to save lives this kitten season

Every year during spring and summer, thousands of tiny kittens arrive in overwhelming numbers at our nation’s animal shelters — and they depend on us humans for love and care. With so many lives in the balance, your help is needed to make sure every whiskered wee one can look forward to a bright future.

When you open your home (and your heart) to fostering, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re not only ensuring that these adorable fuzz balls get a chance to grow up and find families of their own, you’re helping to make space in the shelter for other animals in need. What’s in it for you? More fun and fulfillment than you can shake a feather wand at. Here's why you should foster kittens.

Ready to foster kittens?

Already signed up to foster? Thank you so much for your lifesaving support. Be sure to check out our kitten fostering tips from the pros. And if you’ve fostered pets in the past, we’re so appreciative. Please keep it coming! Many shelters need help with kittens year-round, so repeat foster homes are always lifesavers.

All the feels: see for yourself

Providing love and care to kittens can be uniquely gratifying. Perennial kitten foster caregiver Paula Roy explains: “The bottle babies are particularly special to me because it’s a high-risk, high-reward situation. Kittens are fragile, so you’re really their champion. And they teach you a lot about being strong, too, and about resilience.”

You’re invited to a kitten shower!

Join us for fun, games, refreshments and information about how to help save lives this kitten season. Our lifesaving centers around the country are hosting kitten showers, fun and informal in-person events — and we’d like you to be there. Most exciting of all? Kitten fostering opportunities abound!

Find a kitten shower event near you.

Don’t live near a kitten shower location? You can still help kittens by making a lifesaving gift.

Stories of love and lifesaving

What kinds of people foster kittens? Caring individuals just like you. Check out these stories of love and lifesaving from both newbies and old pros.

Life just got a whole lot more silly

Help kittens found outdoors

Did you find a litter of kittens outdoors? Bringing them to a local shelter is not always the best option.

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