Going out again? Come home to happiness.

Woman holding small gray kitten

Add happiness to your home: Adopt or foster a pet

They’re a loyal best friend to come home to, a furry companion you don’t hesitate to hug. They offer unlimited snuggles and unconditional love.

It’s true, pets make our lives better. And right now, while shelters, like so many places, are under strain, you can make a lifesaving difference. Make this the summer we give them all a soft place to land. Open your home and heart to a pet — for a week or for a lifetime.

Ready to adopt?

Awesome! Your best friend is so excited to meet you, and we bet you’re eager to meet her, too. Find an adoptable pet in your community and find your tail-wagging or purring best friend.

Come Home To Happiness

Foster a Pet Today

Opening your home to a foster pet saves lives. Whether for days, weeks or months, fostering may be short-term, but the results are long lasting — not only to the pet, but to you, too. Having a furry friend around can reduce anxiety and help relieve stress. Brighten your days and make a difference! Foster a pet from a shelter near you.

About Best Friends

Best Friends Animal Society is working to save the lives of cats and dogs all across the country, giving pets second chances and happy homes. Working collaboratively with a network of more than 3,300 animal welfare and shelter partners, and community members like you nationwide, we are determined to take the entire country to no-kill by 2025.