Male Rottweiler named Billy available for adoption


Looks like
Brown/Chocolate with White

Special Criteria
Sanctuary Visit Required

Do you have a house full of pets?Billy might be just the dog to add to your gang! And you'd be doing him such a favor, too.Billy is fantastic with other pets. Cats? Loves them! No problem. Big dogs? He'll be their best friend! Little, tiny dogs? He thinks they're cute! He'll be real nice. However, Billy is not good with kids and needs to be in a home without children.But Billy has had a hard time getting adopted because at his last shelter, he used to tell strangers to get lost! He didn't like strange people approaching him. But he didn't know he was trying to get adopted, and he didn't know he was scaring all the people away!He should go to a home with just grown-ups in it, and they should understand that he has a history of being very unsure about strangers. But when he's your dog, he'll fill your life with kisses! He's housetrained, good at taking walks, and easy to fall in love with. Born in 2003 young and healthy -- you'll love the way he fits in with your other pets.Won't you please consider making Billy a part of your home?