Male Domestic Short Hair named Rufus available for adoption

Adoptable Male Domestic Short Hair
Adoptable Male Domestic Short Hair


Looks Like: Domestic Short Hair
Age: Senior
Color: Orange and White
Sex: Male

Special Criteria

Rufus is a sweet older gentleman, and everyone that meets him falls in love. He's a charismatic cat that campaigned for lobby privileges and won! Now he is allowed to hangout in both his room at Benton's and in the lobby!

Rufus is deaf and his ears need to be cleaned once a week. Lucky for you that's his favorite thing! He thoroughly enjoys it. He also requires fluids on a regular basis but as long as you don't remove him from the comfy bed he's lounging in he doesn't even seem to notice!

Rufus is searching for a good home to spend age gracefully in. If you're looking for a laid-back cat and think you can provide Rufus with the care he needs, reach out today!