Duck named Darth Vadar available for adoption

Adoptable Duck
Adoptable Duck

Darth Vadar

Looks Like: Duck
Age: Adult
Color: Black

Darth Vadar is a middle-aged male Swedish mix duck full of personality. He would be happiest with animal friends, whether it be other ducks, chickens, or even a friendly dog or cat - but really wants to hang out with other ducks. He will need access to a pond daily, and boy, does he love a fresh pond - he even does a little dance of excitement! You'll delight in watching him dive and splash in the water - the duck version of zoomies. He cannot fly and will need protection from predators and weather extremes. No Sanctuary visit is necessary, however, you must be within driving distance of Kanab to adopt. If you are interested in Darth Vadar, please fill out an application for him!