Female Andalusian / Mixed named Melita Dora available for adoption

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Melita Dora

Sanctuary (Kanab)
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Andalusian / Mixed
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Melita is a beautiful black mare born in 2005. She is the only purebred Andalusian we've ever had at the Sanctuary. She is an extra sensitive horse which has made her prone to some anxiety and she had a few fairly significant issues when she came but has made a lot of progress thanks to the dedication of her excellent caregiver. We are now riding her some and she is doing well, just doesn't have a lot of advanced training or experience yet. We hope to expand her experience level and even do some trail riding with her this year. She has a history of founder/laminitis so she needs a grass hay only, low sugar diet but she has been sound for a long time and as long as those needs are met, and she has quality farrier care, she should continue to be sound for many years to come. We think she is worth the little bit of extra care and is a hidden gem in our beautiful canyon looking for her perfect forever home.