Female Appaloosa named Cinnamon available for adoption

Adoptable Female Appaloosa
Adoptable Female Appaloosa
Adoptable Female Appaloosa


Looks Like: Appaloosa
Estimated Birthdate: Feb 4, 2012
Color: White
Sex: Female

Cinnamon is a sweet little mare with Appaloosa markings. She came from New Mexico and arrived here with her two sons. She has been very shy and is finally starting to appreciate human interaction (and cookies!). She is a really good girl, and we believe she has the potential to be a great trail horse someday. In the meantime, we are working toward helping her gain confidence and we really appreciate how far she's come. If you are an experienced person who is good at reading horses very well and if you enjoy the kind of horses that are sweet and try very hard, sweet Cinnamon might be the perfect horse for you.