Male Mini Rex / Mixed named Binky available for adoption

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Mini Rex / Mixed
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Mini Rex Velveteen Rabbits!!

Binky, along with his mother Betsy and siblings Biscuit and Buttons, came to Best Friends Bunny House from an overcrowded Las Vegas Shelter. The rex breed is due to a unique gene that causes their fur to be very short, dense, and smooth. Its plush texture is usually described as feeling like crushed velvet. They generally do not shed, require minimal grooming, and are one of the most hypoallergenic house pets. Whereas a standard rex can weigh up to 9-pounds, a miniature rex does not exceed 4-pounds. Binky is easygoing, gentle, curious, and sociable. He is very bonded to his family and would need to be adopted along with either his mother or one of his siblings.