Female Hamster named Luk available for adoption

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Sanctuary (Kanab)
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Luk, named after the silly polar bear in Balto, is the cutest little girl you ever did see. Hamsters have long been thought as a great starter pet for children, but the opposite is actually true! These little critters are entirely nocturnal, so the only time we can spend with them is very early in the morning or very late at night, as waking them up in the middle of the day messes with their sleep schedule. They need at least a 40 gallon tank and a twelve inch hamster wheel, as anything smaller can damage their spines. Additionally, hamster balls are a no-go for a very similar reason! The truth is that hamsters take a lot more than many people think, so if you're interested in Luk, feel free to email wild@bestfriends.org for more info so we can set you up for success!