Male Standard named Shrek available for adoption

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Sanctuary (Kanab)
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"Ogres (and donkeys) are like onions. Onions have layers. Ogres (and donkeys) have layers. Get it? We both have layers! End of story!
Shrek's first onion layer looked a lot like a wild donkey who wanted nothing to do with people. In fact when we first met him if we got within 50 feet he would literally run for the hills. But as we started to peel back his layers, we discovered an incredibly curious, smart and funny donkey who began running to meet us at the gate instead of running off into the hills. Shrek's fairy tale ending isn't a castle or a swamp, but is a simple loving home that understands that donkeys are onions and is ready to take up the quest of peeling back the layers to discover just how amazing and sensitive he is.