Male Domestic Long Hair named Dr. Oz available for adoption

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Dr. Oz

Salt Lake City
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Domestic Long Hair
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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz, but my foster family calls me Ozzy! Really you can call me anything since I can't really hear you (which means I'm not bothered by loud noises, either)! I can be comfortable around people of all ages, as long as they don't act wild and there aren't too many around me at once. And dogs? Well, if a dog is respectful of me, I can be respectful of them, too. And if a dog brought me dinner, I think we could be besties.
Ozzy is a sweet old gent who enjoys being petted, and tells you thank you with little kisses. His fur is long and luxurious, but it rarely comes off on your hands or clothes. He never jumps on furniture of any height, and seems unable to go down stairs (he tried it once and hasn't since), probably because of arthritis combined with a few extra pounds, so his litter box needs to be on his main living level. He seems to prefer scratching a rug rather than any vertical surfaces, though he will rub his head on a catnip-scented scratching post. He is total homebody who thankfully shows no interest in going outside, even though his foster family has a doggy door. He seems very pleased when someone plays with him, and prefers dangles that don't go far out of reach.
He purrs a deep rumble when picked up and petted while you're standing up, but only enjoys being up that high for about 20 seconds before he's ready to be set down. He also often seems uncomfortable when held in a lap, and usually won't stay for long, but he does like to hang out near his favorite person (which is whoever feeds him!). He likes to have a cozy nook to snooze in, and his favorite place to sleep is under a doll bed that has a blanket draped to the floor. He is generally calm, and doesn't seem to mind dogs that are respectful of his space (and he is completely unfazed by occasional doggy sniffing).

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