Female Domestic Short Hair named Pixie available for adoption

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Salt Lake City
Looks like
Domestic Short Hair
Estimated Birthdate
Calico or Dilute Calico

Pixie is a charming calico cat with a heart as colorful as her fur. This sweet and petite feline is ready to find her forever home and shower her new family with love and affection. Pixie's striking coat is a blend of white, black, and orange patches, making her a true beauty to behold.

Pixie has a gentle and loving personality that will win over the hearts of everyone she meets. She enjoys cuddling up in cozy spots, basking in the sun's warmth, and sharing quiet moments with her human companions. Whether you're reading a book or watching TV, Pixie will be your loyal sidekick, offering purrs of contentment and soft nuzzles to brighten your day.
Interested? Email utahadoptions@bestfriends.org