Male Domestic Medium Hair named Jafar available for adoption

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Salt Lake City
Looks like
Domestic Medium Hair
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Black and White

Meet Jafar, the resilient and affectionate long-haired cat who has triumphed over adversity. Despite facing a challenging fractured pelvis injury, Jafar has not let it dampen his spirit. His luscious coat and regal demeanor make him stand out, earning him the admiration of everyone he encounters. Jafar's true charm lies in his love for building deep connections with people. Jafar's journey of survival has not only shaped his character but has also made him appreciate the value of a loving home and the bonds that come with it. In the presence of this resilient feline, you'll quickly find a friend who not only enriches your life but also teaches the importance of resilience and the healing power of companionship.

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