Male Domestic Short Hair named Campbell available for adoption

Adoptable Male Domestic Short Hair
Adoptable Male Domestic Short Hair
Adoptable Male Domestic Short Hair


Looks Like: Domestic Short Hair
Age: Adult
Color: Gray
Sex: Male

Special Criteria

He's a little guy with a huge personalty. At Best Friends, Campbell loves running around the room and taking corners at high speeds. Every day, during morning feeds, Campbell loves to dart out of the door of his room and into the lobby. All the caregivers have to do is call his name, and then Campbell comes running right back in.

Campbell prefers the company of people and smaller cats, especially girls. He loves giving head butts, and claiming your lap all for himself. Every day, when a caregiver or volunteer bends down and scoops his litter box, Campbell will jump on their knee and "help" the whole time.

Since, he would do well to live in a more humid climate to help with some minor respiratory issues, we run a humidifier in his room at night, and that seems to do the trick! Take a minute and fall in love with Campbell, because that's all it takes. All he wants is a lap, more attention, more play time, and your loving, forever home!