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Ask your Florida state legislators to support House Bill 721/Senate Bill 614.

FL: Help keep pets and families together

boy with large dog

Most Americans view their pets as members of the family — but particular dog breeds are currently restricted in public housing, forcing otherwise responsible pet owners to choose between their beloved pets and stable housing.

This includes a variety of popular breeds, such as boxers, German shepherds, Great Danes, American Staffordshire terriers, and any dogs over arbitrary weight limits, some as low as twenty pounds.

Such breed- and size-specific restrictions use government funds to force low-income families to either surrender their pets to animal shelters (at a cost to taxpayers) or to choose potentially unsafe/unstable housing.

Legislators were clear when they last amended Florida’s dangerous dog law (767.14): local government shall not be involved in telling people which breed of dog they may own. This should apply to all responsible pet owners, regardless of income.

TAKE ACTION: Ask your legislators to vote YES on House Bill 721/ Senate Bill 614. Use the form on this page to email and/or tweet them now.

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