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Urge your representative to support HB 4035.

MI: Put an end to dog breed restrictions in Michigan

Woman and two kids hugging a smiling black and white dog whose tongue is out

We are so close to ending dog breed restrictions in Michigan, but we need your voice to make it happen. House Bill 4035 sponsored by Rep Jim Ellison will eliminate breed restrictions in municipalities throughout our state. This important legislation has passed through two House committees with strong, bipartisan support and now needs to be considered in the House.

We all want safe and humane communities for people and pets in Michigan. This critical bill encourages local governments to enhance public safety by focusing on the behaviors of dogs and their owners, rather than breed and other arbitrary traits, while protecting the property rights of community members. Any Michigan resident and dog owner who follows safety guidelines and manages their pet responsibly should be allowed to own and enjoy the companionship of any dog breed.

Time is running short in this current legislative session. HB 4035 needs a vote by the House in the coming weeks in order to be considered in the Senate later this term. Your representative needs to know that you support this important piece of legislation, which would protect families, pets and property rights in our state.

Pets and people in Michigan need your voice today.

Please send a message today. Ask your representative to support HB 4035 and help end breed restrictions in Michigan.

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