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Ask your senator to support community cat legislation.

NJ: Take action to help New Jersey's cats

Gray and white community cat with ear tip

Despite New Jersey's tremendous lifesaving progress for pets, one challenge remains: saving and supporting community cats. In fact, a whopping 97% of the pets killed in New Jersey's shelters are cats, and community cats comprise a major portion of those lives lost.

Trap-neuter-return (TNR, also known as trap-neuter-vaccinate-return or TNVR) is an animal-friendly, veterinarian-approved, cost-effective, and common-sense method for keeping community cats safe and healthy while reducing their numbers over time. Programs that utilize TNR are proven to benefit people and pets alike in the communities where they are implemented.

Bills recently introduced in each chamber of the New Jersey legislature would fund local TNR efforts throughout the state, giving thousands of New Jersey residents access to a lifesaving and community-minded solution for at-risk cats.

TAKE ACTION: Show lawmakers in New Jersey that these bills (A. 4399 and S. 1034) are widely supported across the state. Send a message to your senator now.


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