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Ask your state representative to support House Memorial 24.

NM: Help bring positive changes for pets in shelters

dog and cat outside

Success! Thanks to your action, HM 24 has been approved. 


New Mexico is taking steps toward becoming a no-kill state — and you can help! 

With the introduction of House Memorial 24, Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon has set the goal of ensuring that every New Mexico shelter has the resources to save every dog and cat that can be saved. 

HM 24 requests that “New Mexico county managers, in collaboration with animal shelters, animal welfare organizations and interested individuals, develop a comprehensive plan to save the lives of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats in New Mexico’s sheltering system.” 

This is an important first step but your support is needed to ensure its success. 

TAKE ACTION: Ask your representative to support HM 24 and commit to Rep. Alcon’s goal of saving at least 90%* of the dogs and cats entering New Mexico shelters. 

Use the form on this page to send a personalized email to your state representative. The body of the message is prefilled for your convenience, but customization is encouraged! 

*Why 90%? See What no-kill really means 

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