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Ask your council member and mayor to support community cat programming.

TX: Support community cats in Baytown

cat with tipped ear

Community cat programs offer humane, cost-effective methods to controlling local cat populations.

We are asking the Baytown City Council and Mayor Capetillo to continue this important and successful programming in Baytown.

Trap-neuter-vaccinate-return programs — commonly referred to as “TNVR” or “TNR”— reduce the population of stray cats over time while keeping communities healthy and humane.

These programs are cost-effective and ensure that your tax dollars aren't being spent euthanizing healthy, cared-for cats. 

TAKE ACTION: Send a message to your council member and Mayor Capetillo asking them to continue community cat programming in Baytown! 


Sample phone script

Call (281) 420-6500

Hello! My name is [xxx] and I reside in Baytown. I’m calling to encourage the city council and Mayor Capetillo to continue supporting a community cat program in Baytown.  ​  ​ 

We know cat programs work and have worked in Baytown. Trap-neuter-vaccinate-and return programs — commonly referred to as “TNVR” or “TNR”— reduce the population of stray cats within our community over time while keeping our city healthy. These programs are cost-effective and will ensure our tax dollars are NOT being spent euthanizing healthy, cared-for cats.  ​ 

Thank you for your time!   

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