Woman releasing a community cat from a live trap with a Best Friends van behind them
March 19, 2019

Like in other areas of the country where implemented, the community cat program at Coachella Valley Animal Campus has increased the shelter’s cat save rate and decreased its intake.

Ludo and brown and white pit bull dog with cropped ears
March 15, 2019

Ludo, a giant, big-headed dog with a gift for making people smile, quickly became staff and volunteer favorite and will be greatly missed.

Julie Castle sitting on the ground with a cat on her lap and other cats surrounding her
March 08, 2019

Since the establishment of animal welfare, Best Friends Animal Society and many other organizations have had women in leadership roles.

Medium hair brown tabby community cat with ear tip with a black community cat behind him
March 07, 2019

It’s taken time, but trap-neuter-return with return-to-field has come to be accepted as the way to humanely control of community cat populations.

Shadow the German shepherd playing arguing with small spaniel-type dog Stanley
February 28, 2019

Shadow and Stanley are the best dogs, as are all dogs, which makes ending the killing in animal shelters so imperative.

Pit bull terrier running with a wide smile on his face
February 25, 2019

Animated short “Kitbull” helps break stereotypes surrounding pit bull terriers, but more advocacy is needed regarding dogs rescued from fighting situations.

Captain Cowpants the dog and Melissa Lipani posing in front of the Utah Capitol
February 21, 2019

He was a friend and healer to many, and an ambassador for pit bulls everywhere.

Woman holding a white and tabby cat at an animal shelter
February 14, 2019

Dallas Animal Services, one of the largest municipal shelters in the U.S., reports a save rate above 90 percent in both December 2018 and January 2019.

Best Friends co-founder Francis Battista wearing a hat and holding Black Jack the cat
February 07, 2019

Thirty-five years ago, Best Friends’ founders arrived at Angel Canyon. They created Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and have been saving animals and transforming people’s lives ever since.

Smiling brindle and white pit-bull-type dog with tongue sticking out at the feet of a person wearing camouflage pants and boots
February 05, 2019

ABA continues to fight breed discrimination by adopting resolution urging Department of Defense to “enact uniform breed-neutral pet policies” for military housing.