Calico kitten poking her head up through a hole cut in a cardboard box
August 04, 2020

Proven programs for saving our communities’ cats are key to achieving no-kill nationwide by 2025 and acknowledge that a safe, loving home for a cat doesn’t have to mean a house.

Black community cat lying on a wooden pallet
July 31, 2020

Eight years after the first Best Friends community cat program rolled out in Albuquerque, a new collective effort to save our feline friends is launching across several other New Mexico communities.

White dog kissing smiling woman's face
July 28, 2020

Saving our communities’ dogs and cats in the COVID-19 era requires the creation of new online tools and resources for animal services and shelter staff around the country.

Leopold the Siamese mix cat lying in some hay
July 23, 2020

Learning to help animals where they are is a cornerstone of the no-kill movement and an essential skill for any effective animal advocate.

Person wearing an orange sweatshirt holding a calico kitten
July 21, 2020

Best Friends and Southern Utah University have partnered once again to offer an online professional development symposium this fall titled “Reaching New Heights in Contemporary Animal Services.”

Tabby kitten being cradled by a person wearing a No-Kill by 2025 T-shirt
July 17, 2020

The state of Delaware has sustained no-kill status for the second year in a row by implementing proven lifesaving programming and lending a helping hand to animal shelters in other states.

Woman hugging a white and brown dog
July 14, 2020

The real economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still to come, and to keep saving pets’ lives, we need to start wholeheartedly supporting people right now.

Gray and white pit bull terrier next to the words, Let's save lives together and the Lifeline Animal Project logo
July 09, 2020

LifeLine Animal Project CEO Rebecca Guinn has created a safety net for pets and people in Atlanta, Georgia, and a model road map to no-kill for dogs and cats.

Black and white community cat on a sidewalk next to a plant and fence
July 07, 2020

Thanks to proven and powerful community cat programs and the Georgia Animal Shelter Alliance, Georgia is helping to set the bar for no-kill progress in the Southeast.

Smiling woman carrying a brown dog cradled in her arms down a hallway
July 02, 2020

Animal welfare organizations around the country are saving more dogs and cats by finding positive, community-based solutions that don’t have to rely on admitting dogs and cats to shelters.