Smiling woman carrying a brown dog cradled in her arms down a hallway
July 02, 2020

Animal welfare organizations around the country are saving more dogs and cats by finding positive, community-based solutions that don’t have to rely on admitting dogs and cats to shelters.

Brown tabby cat with ear tips looking up at the camera
June 25, 2020

Best Friends’ pet lifesaving dashboard update shows lifesaving progress for animals in shelters from 2019 and the path ahead for achieving no-kill nationwide for dogs and cats by 2025.

Black and white dog with a smiling woman behind him
June 24, 2020

A lifesaving collective of animal shelters and rescue organizations in Dallas exemplifies the kind of community-centered work and willingness to adapt required to achieve no-kill for dogs and cats.

Smiling couple behind a torbie cat
June 18, 2020

Local 2025 Action Team members in California made their voices heard during a veterinary medical board meeting, which led to critical telemedicine expansion for pets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Woman carrying two puppies to a van to transport them out of a Texas shelter
June 16, 2020

Brighter days are on the horizon for dogs and cats in Texas shelters as the city of Abilene welcomes Best Friends’ Mike Bricker as interim director.

Stewart Gollan hugging a dog
June 11, 2020

The loss of a beloved Best Friends family member serves as a heavy reminder of the need to prioritize mental health for animal welfare workers.

Sunset at Angels Canyon
June 08, 2020

Learning and acting against racism in ourselves, our organization and our movement

#SpayTogether logo with participating groups
June 03, 2020

Best Friends is a founding member of a coalition of national organizations to provide grants and other support to combat the spay/neuter surgery backlog from COVID-19.

Black and white dog with tongue out being walked on a leash by a person
May 29, 2020

CEO Julie Castle talked with Best Friends lifesaving team members around the country about a new animal sheltering model that puts individual communities at the center of saving lives.

Brown tabby cat lying on the top of a couch with a man sitting behind him
May 27, 2020

In a world fueled by endless streams of social media content, dogs and cats continue to be the X factor in our daily lives.